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  • Can I use the GRTK without any settings when I get it?

A: Of course! GRTK are all set and tested before we send it to you.

  • I bought a GRTK kit, but how can I identify which one is base and which one is rover?

A: We will label different devices respectively.

  • The rover station has 2 antennas, where does GRTK positioning data mean?

A: The master antenna, aka "ANT1", represents the location GRTK is positioning.

Extra Settings

  • How can I set a special NMEA output not only default settings?

A: You can config GRTK by serial port, please follow GRTK User Manual.


  • Can GRTK rover station work with a base station but not GRTK base which supports RTCM data?

A: Of course. But you should have a special config for your base station to adapt to our rover station. We strongly suggest that use a GRTK kit for RTK positioning, and we can't make sure the rover station's performance.

  • Can serval rover stations work with only one base station?

A: Yes, you can have a point to multipoint RLINK kit to make GRTKs work.