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Wifi Configure

Because BLIKVM has many kinds of hardware and supports different OS, such as BLIKVM OS and PiKVM OS, different OS confifure wifi methods may not be the same. Please confirm the hardware and OS usage before using the method in this document.

  1. Please confirm that the hardware you use supports wifi function, for example, the CM400200 version does not have wifi function;
  2. If the SOC of KVM hardware is CM4, please confirm whether wifi antenna is connected;
  3. PiKVM OS is arch linux;
  4. BLIKVM OS raspberry pi series is debian system, and v4 series is armbian system;

v1 v2 v3 use raspi-config for wifi configure on raspberry pi debian system

  1. Log in to ssh, command: ssh blikvm@ip
  2. The system is reloaded as writable. Command: rw
  3. Start raspi-config, command: sudo raspi-config
  4. Select System Options
  5. Select Wireless LAN
  6. Select the country where wifi is located, and China will select CN. If it has been set before, this step will skip to 7
  7. Enter the ssid (name) of Wi-Fi
  8. Enter the Wi-Fi password. If there is no password, press Enter directly
  9. At this time, you will return to the interface in Step 4, press the tab key to select, and press Enter
  10. Check whether to connect to wifi. Command: ifconfig wlan0. If you see the ip obtained, you are connected
  11. Mount the system as read-only. Command: ro

v4 Hardware using Armbian System with armbian-config

  1. Log in via SSH using the command: ssh blikvm@ip to access the Armbian system.
  2. Enter the following command to launch the armbian-config tool:
    sudo armbian-config
  3. In the armbian-config menu, navigate and select options using the arrow keys and press Enter.
  4. Scroll down to the "Network" option using the arrow keys and press Enter to enter the submenu.
  5. In the "Network" submenu, select the "Wireless" option and press Enter to enter the Wi-Fi configuration menu.
  6. In the Wi-Fi configuration menu, select the "Connect to Wi-Fi" option and press Enter to enter the Wi-Fi connection setup.
  7. armbian-config will list the available wireless interfaces and already configured networks. Select the wireless interface you want to connect to and press Enter.
  8. armbian-config will display the list of available Wi-Fi networks. Use the arrow keys to select the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to and press Enter.
  9. If the Wi-Fi network is password-protected, armbian-config will prompt you to enter the Wi-Fi password. Enter the password and press Enter.
  10. Wait for a moment while the Armbian system attempts to connect to the specified Wi-Fi network. If the connection is successful, you will see a corresponding message on the screen.
  11. Exit the armbian-config tool.

Please note that the menu options and configurations mentioned above may vary slightly depending on the specific version of the Armbian system. Make sure to follow the appropriate steps based on your system version and configuration.

Last update: May 1, 2024
Created: March 12, 2023